Neo-Custodians: Woven Narratives of Heritage, Cultural Memory, and Belonging and Paolo Arao: Reverberations on display through April 14, 2024.

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03 Sunday Morning Offerings No 1 Tammie Rubin

Tammie Rubin

Austin, TX
Artist-in-Residence Summer 2023


Unknow Ritual Mask

Unknow Ritual Mask, 2023. Red stoneware, underglaze. Photo credit, Hector Martinez.

05 Cheer Rapt Tammie Rubin

Cheer & Rapt, 2022. Pigmented porcelain, underglaze, steel, resin. Photo credit, Galleri Urbane.

04 Always Forever forever ever No 12 16 Tammie Rubin

Always & Forever (forever, ever) No. 12-16, 2022. Pigmented porcelain, underglaze. Photo credit, Galleri Urbane.

03 Sunday Morning Offerings No 1 Tammie Rubin

Sunday Morning Offerings No. 1, 2023. Pew, foam, resin, peanuts. Photo credit, Hector Martinez.

01 I am the best when I m escaping exhibition view Tammie Rubin

I am at my best when I’m escaping (exhibition view), 2023. Big medium gallery. Photo credit, Hector Martinez.

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The William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation


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