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2 Armando Rosales

Armando Rosales-Rivero

Mexico City + Venezuela
Artist-in-Residence Spring 2024


2 Armando Rosales

ESTADO ACTUAL (Actual state), 2018, 2020, 2022. 9 pairs of concrete Demi spheres, iron internal structure. Dimensions variable. Photo courtesy of Artist.

4 Armando Rosales

BECOMING A THING (De Ser a Cosa), 2022. Cotton fabrics, thread, staples, foam rubber stiffeners, wooden structures, springs, rubber feet. 80 cm × 115 cm × 110 cm. Photo courtesy of Artist.

1 Armando Rosales

DESPUES DE LA EXACTITUD (After accuracy), 2020. Pinewood and plywood structure, foam rubber, staple screws, cotton fabric treated with nitrocellulose, nylon thread, various dyes, and a series of 15 sculptures in various media. 250 cm x 160 cm x 127 cm. Photo courtesy of Artist.

3 Armando Rosales

HEAVY BLANKET (Manta posada), 2022. Heat-sealed ethylene vinyl acetate, river stones, polypropylene rope, pulley. 115 cm x 160 cm x 70 cm. Photo courtesy of Artist.

5 Armando Rosales

ARC TALK (Hablar del Arco), 2022. Dyed cotton, thread, foam rubber, synthetic hardener, motor and gear system, wood, pedal cables, transformer, PVC box. 43 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm Dimensions variable. Photo courtesy of Artist.

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