Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Documentary Series

Explore the Bemis archive of artist-in-residence and visiting artist video documentaries.

Since 2013, Bemis has promoted a culture of respect for the artist’s concept while providing viewers video access to the artists themselves. Our hope is to present wider views of context and aesthetic understanding that underpin an artist’s intention, process, and the culture in which they create their work.

Fabiola Menchelli AIR 2014

Maya Jeffreis AIR 2014

Andrew Ranville AIR 2014

Gonzalo Fuenmayor AIR 2014

Justin Plakas AIR 2014

Jordan Baseman AIR 2014

Brian David Downs AIR 2013

Alex Lukas AIR 2013

Anne Muntges AIR 2013

Samantha Bittman AIR 2013

Shanti Grumbine AIR 2013

Jason Hendrickson AIR 2013

Caoimhe Kilfeather AIR 2013

Becky Alprin AIR 2013

Damien Gilley AIR 2013

Ian McMahon AIR 2013

Ashley Lyon AIR 2013

Shane Ward AIR 2013

Robert Minervini AIR 2013

Alice Miceli AIR 2013

Sofi Quirno AIR 2013

Deborah Zlotsky AIR 2014

Kevin Cooley AIR 2013

Anna Kristensen AIR 2013

Anny Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen AIR 2013

Phillip Andrew Lewis AIR 2013

Portia Love AIR 2013

Shannon Marie AIR 2013

Bart Vargas AIR 2013

Dereck Higgins AIR 2013

Jarrod Beck AIR 2013

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