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JANUARY 11–APRIL 7, 2017

The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts announces artists selected for its international Artist-in-Residence Program taking place January 11–April 7, 2017. 

Andreas Andersson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Andersson makes installations and sculptures in a conceptual context, showing the viewer how life extends beyond its own subjective limits, telling a story about the effects of global cultural and political problems of the 21st century. During the residency Andersson will work with large minimalist objects based on weather forecasts and meteorological deviations, developing technological solutions and new aesthetic formations of his work.

Alexandra Arzt (Richmond, VA)
Arzt’s  work investigates what “getting back to nature” can mean in the age of human-made ecological crises. Throughout 2016 Arzt responded to ads placed in 1970s issues of The Mother Earth News’ Positions and Situations classifieds section, a letter-writing project about the back-to-the-land movement of the 1960s and 70s and its significance today. While at Bemis, Arzt will be turning this research and interviews into an artist book containing historical and current photographs from the lives of the correspondents, ephemera from the time, and the original ads and letters.

David Colannino (New Orleans, LA)
Colannino’s work is foremost about the human love affair with fantasy, asking the viewer to embrace their role as creator of their own unique world. The work is the map on the first page of a “choose your own adventure” novel. The terrain is present, but it is up to the viewer to populate it with their own ideas. At Bemis Colannino will experiment with work conceived during the residency while constructing large-scale drawings previously considered.

Eleanor Duffin (Dublin, Ireland)
Duffin is a sculptor and installation artist who started writing fictional narratives as a result of questioning materiality as an autonomous agent carrying its own history and intention outside the projected voice of the maker. Duffin will use the time at Bemis to further research how material matter can inform language and how language may exist in a physical way that moves away from printed matter to becoming a sculpture.

Joshua Haycraft (Los Angeles, CA)
Haycraft creates sculptures, videos, and interactive installations that explore our evolving relationship to consumer technology and the capitalist system that creates and controls it. During his Bemis residency, Haycraft plans to continue researching how technology represents contemporary society’s “other” and can only be theorized through the sublime.

Yutaka Kawahito (Mililani, Hawaii)
As a visual artist working with traditional, industrial, and found refuse material, Kawahito physically engages with multiple references and taps the dynamic potentials of appropriation and recontextualization. While at Bemis Kawahito will focus on ongoing projects, including an interactive wall that manipulates viewer's sense of space. 

Jiyeon Lim (YALOO) (New York, NY)
Under an inseparable influence of Korean American heritage and a mind of a habitual tourist, YALOO creates poetic narratives with transcultural icons. Via alternative video imaging technologies such as video projection mapping, 3D video, experimental digital photo printing, the image of wealth and longevity as well as the intimate spiritual relationship between east and west are mediated in a playful manner. During the residency YALOO will continue to investigate transcultural symbols that tell stories of today and examine new possibilities of video installation and animation.

Alison Pebworth (San Francisco, CA)
Pebworth merges painting, installation, and social interaction with a single-focused vision of creating her own roadside attraction. Since 2004 Pebworth has explored the tropes of American “Roadside” culture which culminated with the Beautiful Possibility Project. At Bemis Pebworth will focus on integrating painting and sculptural work with a continued exploration into new ways of storytelling in response to site and local histories.

Jess Perlitz (Portland, OR)
Perlitz makes sculptures to investigate ways we communicate, drawing on various symbols and structures to identify collective spaces and communities, and uses the symbols to complicate their perceived purpose. Sometimes Perlitz make sculptures that people can occupy, play within, and understand physically. While at Bemis, Perlitz plans to make interactive landscape features for viewers to engage in diverse ways.

Orkideh Torabi (Chicago, IL)
Torabi’s interdisciplinary work over the past three years tells the story of the personal, political, and social issues that Iranian woman face. During the Bemis residency Torabi wishes to expand on each of these creations individually, with the primary focus on the suppression of women in a male-dominated society.

These artists were selected from an international pool of 268 applicants. All applications were reviewed and finalists were selected by a six-person panel including: Shoghig Halajian, Assistant Director, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Tempestt Hazel, Arts Program Manager, Curator, Writer, Arts + Public Life at the University of Chicago; Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Artist and Manager of Public Programs and Residencies, The Watermill Center; Madsen Minax, Artist, Educator, and Bemis Center Artist-in-Residence Alum; Joy Moore, Artist and Bemis Center Artist-in-Residence Alum; Calvin Phelps, Director, Pike School of Art–Mississippi. Finalists were then reviewed and chosen by a three-person panel including: Laura Burkhalter, Associate Curator, The Des Moines Art Center; Santiago Cal, Artist and Associate Professor of Sculpture, University of Nebraska–Lincoln; Lauren Ross, Curator, Institute for Contemporary Art Virginia Commonwealth University.

Selected artists-in-residence will enjoy a generous live/work studio complete with private kitchen and bathroom. Located in downtown Omaha’s historic Old Market, the 110,000 square foot facility offers 24-hour access to extensive installation and production spaces, able to accommodate a broad range of artistic activity. This independently-driven atmosphere and communal environment encourages creative growth and experimentation to confront new challenges. This is a process-based residency; there is no expectation or promise of an exhibition in our first-floor project spaces. Residents will receive a $750 monthly stipend to help with materials, supplies, and living expenses while in residency. A non-restricted $500 travel stipend will also be awarded.

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