Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

What Our Artists-in-Residence Are Saying About Us

Sophie Barbasch, Photography
Brooklyn, NY, July - August, 2011

I learned that it's ok to work slowly and to be patient and trusting. I learned a lot from the other residents and their work. The amont of time allowed me to shoot a lot of film, which in turn made me loosen up and feel more engaged in the process. It also made it possible to take my time and not force anything.

Nathaniel Sullivan, Video Artist
Syracuse, NY, June - August, 2011

Best summer of my life.

John Peña, New Media
Pittsburgh, PA, June - August, 2011

The staff is really supportive and completely hands off. There are no pressures or expectations to “produce” lots of work. The staff was also very accommodating and would do everything possible to help the artists get the resources and help they need to complete a project. I have never experienced this before in such a way. Three months was also the perfect amount of time to really dig into my work. Another strength is the small number of artists in the program at any given time. I have been to lots of other residencies and there is something about having 10-15 artists at a time that allows for a particular type of exchange and intimacy to develop. It is the perfect size.

Lisa Iglesias, Drawing/Video
New York, NY, June - August 2011

So good. Beautiful. Open.

Elizabeth Ferrill, Printmaking
Snowmass Village, CO, April - May 2011

I found this residency to be a unique opportunity to have the time, space, and freedom to be truly creative while under no outside pressure. I was extremely productive and experimental. Exploring Omaha was amazing and eye opening.

Nicholas Ward, Animation/Drawing/Painting
Lawrence, KS, March - May 2011

Fantabulistic-ish! It really is a beautiful opportunity to have this sort of sanctuary for making and thinking. In my opinion, sanctuary may be a more accurate term than residency.

Cybele Lyle, Installation/Mixed Media/Video
San Francisco, CA, August - October 2010

My residency at the Bemis Center was excellent. The amount of time and space combined with the set-up of a live-work space allowed me to really get focused in my work. It was a somewhat contemplative/inward type experience that helped me to connect to my process and make some real strides with my work.

Jia-Jen Lin, Sculpture/Installation
Brooklyn, NY, March - May 2010

Between new and old, between hi and bye, between slow and fast, between strange and familiar, and between to carry and to give away. Less I carry, more I have, from one to another. Thank you Bemis Center, here I have enough space and time to find myself back, and discover another.

Mayumi Amada, Sculpture/Installation
Minneapolis, MN, October - December 2009

[My Bemis Center residency was] amazing! Especially getting a chance to attend the annual auction was superb! I was struck by the passion the art community in Omaha has. At the same time, I realized what the Bemis Center has done for decades. Getting to know their support really encouraged me.

Dawn Gettler, Printmaking/Installation
Chicago, IL, September - November 2009

[My residency at the Bemis was] eye opening, life changing... epic.

Laurie Frick, Painting/Mixed media
Austin, TX, September - November 2009

I had been experimenting with other materials in the months before arriving, but wasn’t satisfied. I wanted another dimension to the work... and in the 3 months, tried new materials, talked with other residents, saw how they worked and figured how to expand my visual language to incorporate shape... and how to work outside the confines of a rectangle.

Christine Gray, Painting,
Richmond, VA, September - November 2009

Spending so many hours with my work made me extremely self-critical which has helped me to clarify some issues I had with my work. The large space and feeling that I had so much time to work allowed me to work on many projects at once. This helped me to let nascent ideas mature while I was focused on another project. I also experimented with materials so generously provided by Golden as a supplement to my golden fellowship. I will continue with this when I return to my studio in Richmond.

Tannaz Farsi, Sculpture/Installation,
Eugene, OR, June - August 2009

I had a wonderful residency at Bemis with uninterrupted time to focus on production, and research of new work. The staff and community surrounding Bemis created an engaging and helpful atmosphere... The strengths for me were in the space provided, the ability to live and work in the same area as well as the funding that enabled my time away from home. Also, the close living and work quarters with other residents enabled great friendships as well as a constant dialogue in regards to art making.

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