Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Dance Doyle

Oakland, CA / Brooklyn, NY

Dance Doyle is a multimedia contemporary artist whose primary focus for the last 14 years has been creating large-scale, urban contemporary tapestry. Through the years, she has been self-taught by trial, error, and taking risks, developing her own technique and edgy style. Her primary focus has been telling contemporary narratives, based not only on her own stories, but ones told to her that reflect, piece by piece, examples of our human condition in these overpopulated urban environments. At Bemis, Doyle plans to experiment with small ceramic sculptures incorporated with woven text embedded in a multi-textured, mixed media tapestry. Her purpose is to bring as much humanity out not only with the words she uses in the text but with the whole execution of the project; creating work that is three-dimensional and layered together with the woven surface is something people can approach, and feel the presence of, just like a human being.


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