Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

J.C. Todd

Philadelphia, PA​​​​​​

J.C. Todd investigates the psychological and cultural dislocation of war, especially for women, children, and the poor, through poetry and artist-book collaborations. Her poems grapple with the awareness that each war or act of domination, whether at home or at large, carries the seed for the aggression that answers it. She composes the poem as a score for the eye and ear, a sonic chamber that gathers and releases images and the longing they engender. During her time at Bemis, Todd plans to construct poems responding to the prints and drawings of Kaethe Kollwitz and the etchings of Francisco Goya. These depictions of survivors’ suffering resonate with contemporary events and are central to her new manuscript, Blood Work, ekphrastic poems in dialogue with visual art.

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