Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Jenny Yurshansky

Los Angeles, CA

Jenny Yurshansky’s practice uses a conceptual and research-based approach to define the material and critical parameters of each project; she explores the empiric and its tension with the poetic. Using these guidelines she digs deeply into the holes that exist in the systems we have created to categorize the world such as time, memory, history, and language. While at Bemis she plans to concentrate on Crusted Memory, a project involving looking into the history of the massive 1970’s exodus of Soviet Jewish refugees, of which she is a legacy. Notes, photographs, and conversations she collected while traveling to Chișinău, Moldova and Vienna, Austria will provide narrative material for weavings based on traditional rose-patterned Moldovan rugs, an embroidered hanging soft sculpture modeled on her family’s headstone in a Moldovan cemetery, and an image-based dissolving slide projection about landmarks that are now being taken over by weeds and becoming non-sites in Chișinău.

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