Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Eliza Myrie

Chicago, IL

Eliza Myrie makes work about labor; her practice arises from an inquiry into the relationship between her father’s trade as a brick mason and her own artistic labor. Masonry was Myrie’s first exposure to an idea of dimension, materiality, and working with one's hands. As a sculptor, she is concerned with dimension, an examination of volume, and how representation/subjectivity can be lost/gained through physical and conceptual processes. Her practice is the tool by which she processes complex situations experienced in space, whether social, political, or personal. While at Bemis, Myrie plans to continue working on a current body of loosely connected sculptures, videos, and photographs under the title Building a Wall Through My Father to more directly engage the performative and to upend the sense of restraint in the finished works, inviting more opportunities for change and chaos.

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