Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Adam Liam Rose

New York, NY

Adam Liam Rose is a multidisciplinary artist working across sculpture, photography, video, and installation. Born in Jerusalem and raised mostly in the United States, his works investigate the aesthetic systems of power embedded within architecture. Rose draws inspiration from political realities in Israel / Palestine and the United States, often looking to structures of separation and control whose intentions either manifest outright or slither beneath the surface. His works navigate ideas around artifact, “history,” and collective memory, uncovering how these distinct categories coalesce into feelings of place or “placeness.” During his Bemis residency, Rose plans to research and enact methods of accessibility within sculpture and installation. He will continue his research of safe spaces such as bunkers, cultural environments, and surveillance architectures; creating small-scale models and building medium-sized sets to film within.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
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