Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Tom Comitta

May 18–August 12, 2016
Oakland, CA

Tom Comitta is a multimedia writer and recent transplant from Oakland to Los Angeles. From 2011-12 Comitta composed and conducted nine operas with The San Francisco Guerrilla Opera Company, a roving ensemble that gave voice to texts at numerous sites around the Bay Area including the Civic Center BART station and the Berkeley Art Museum. In 2012 he staged National Novel Writing Night Month (NaNoWriNiMo), a futurist improvement on the popular write-a-novel-in-a-month contest in which he wrote, designed and published novels written in a night. Comitta has exhibited at LUMA Foundation, Zürich, Reed College, Portland, Robert Berman/E6, San Francisco and The Kala Art Institute, Berkeley. In 2015 The Royal Nonesuch Gallery in Oakland installed Comitta’s solo show, First Thought Worst Thought, an interactive archive containing the 40 artist books he composed between 2011 and 2014. Gauss PDF published these 40 books as paperbacks and e-books the same year. Other recent publications include ◯ (Ugly Ducking Presse) and SENT (Invisible Venue), which was collected by SFMOMA. His work was recently anthologized in The New Concrete (Hayward Publishing, UK), an international anthology surveying the "rise of concrete poetry in the digital age." Comitta has held residencies at Aggregate Space, Bay Area Video Coalition, and San Francisco Arts Education Project, where he conducted multimedia writing workshops with San Francisco youth. After his residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Comitta will be in residence at the Minnesota Street Project/Little Paper Planes, San Francisco.

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