Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Andy Mister

Brooklyn, NY
March 3rd - May 28th, 2015

My work investigates the boundary between mechanical and manual reproduction, how meaning is created or lost through copying, either with a photocopier or by hand. Most of my work involves some form of drawing, working with different media on paper. I’m specifically interested in the emotional and psychological attachment to imagery in contemporary popular culture.  I recreate images from a variety of sources (Life Magazine, history textbooks, the internet) cropping and altering them in Photoshop to create something new. I call the resulting groups of images “compilations.” By thinking of these drawings as a series, the work has become more about the relationship between the images and connections that the viewer creates when encountering them, connections that I cannot control. Traces of my own hand are visible throughout these drawings, as are the materials I use to create them, ink, acrylic, pastel, carbon pencils, but I try to hew closely to the original image in a hope to make the viewer pause and wonder about the creation of these pieces, about what exactly they are, a drawing, a painting or a print. My most recent drawings are mounted to wooden panels, in lieu of framing, to make the experience of them more direct and to make these drawings on paper appear more like paintings or objects than photographs or prints. 

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