Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Greg Halpern

Buffalo, NY
September 1 - November 28, 2005

Greg Halpern received his BA in History and Literature from Harvard University and an MFA in Photography from the California College of the Arts. Author of the critically acclaimed Harvard Works Because We Do, Halpern has taught at institutions such as Harvard and the University of Berkeley, and his work has been reviewed in several publications including Publisher’s Weekly and the New York Times Book Review. He is also the veteran of numerous solo shows and the recipient of several prestigious awards, including grants from the LEF Foundation and the Ella Lyman Cabot Trust.

For the past two years, Halpern has been developing a book featuring photographs taken in his hometown Buffalo, NY, and he is expanding his work to include two other American towns, including Omaha. The photographer views the American city as an organic creature, a fighting, striving organism that shows strength and resistance in the face of hardship. Interested in how such cities overcome challenges, Halpern comments: “As a photographer, I am interested in describing that sense of struggle and persistence, although I am equally intrigued by the town’s sense of strength and pride, the rituals and the parties that persist in our lives.”

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