Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

Borderland Abstraction | Gallery 1 + 3

Opening Reception: Friday, January 22 | 6:00 - 9:00pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, January 23 | 12:00 - 2:00pm
January 22 - May 8, 2010

Borderland Abstraction includes several generations of artists working throughout the United States who are invested in the expanded possibilities and problems of abstraction. Their work, in painting, sculpture, photography and video, often attaches to other disciplines - music, architecture, film, urbanism, virtual space - with a fervor that swells the limits of abstraction.

Artists: Tim Bavington, Nate Boyce, Michelle Grabner, Amy Granat, Mary Heilmann, Matthew Kluber, Takeshi Murata, Ara Peterson, Eli Ping, Eric Sall, Colin C. Smith and Wendy White.

Debate on abstraction ballooned in the last decade, engulfing issues as varied as the politics of beauty, material ingenuity, site-specificity and fragmentation. Response to these issues splintered into strongly worded arguments on the cause of visual pleasure v. market pressure; iteration v. spontaneity, the offhand gesture v. formal purity; reductivist aesthetics v. maximalist expression; and on and on. Rather than wallow in these debates, which ultimately shift focus from the work and its ideas, this exhibition explores the vibrant cracks in between, places where there are authentic pleasures in the making, looking and thinking about contemporary abstraction.

Nils Folke Anderson will be building work at the Bemis Center from January 19 to January 22. Please join Bemis Center Curator Hesse McGraw and Anderson, Matthew Kluber, Colin C. Smith and Wendy White for a discussion about the exhibition and their works on Saturday, January 23 from noon to 2:00 p.m.

This exhibition is organized by Hesse McGraw, Bemis Center curator.

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Sponsors: Clark Creative Group, Midwest Airlines, minorwhite studios, Nebraska Arts Council, Quail Distributing, Rybin Plumbing & Heating, The Sound Environment, Sherwin Williams, Upstream Brewing Co., and Warren Distribution

Installation photos by Mike Sinclair Photography

Ara Peterson, Long Impervious Vibes:

Nils Folke Anderson, Untitled

Ara Peterson, Orange Tube; Tim Bavington, Cold Fire

Ara Peterson, Orange Tube

Mary Heilmann, Go Ask Alice; Wendy White, Freshkills; Michelle Grabner, Untitled

Mary Heilmann, Go Ask Alice

Wendy White, Freshkills

Michelle Grabner, Untitled

Eric Sall, Washed Out; Amy Grant, Untitled

Amy Grant, Untitled

Eric Sall, Washed Out

Eli Ping, Untitled; Ara Peterson, Untitled (Black Panel); Tim Bavington, Cold Fire; Colin C. Smith, Little Fat Cowbows at the Cotton Candy Shindig

Colin C. Smith, Little Fat Cowbows at the Cotton Candy Shindig

Colin C. Smith, Pancho and Lefty Finally Spot Charlie Chaplin In Times Square

Tim Bavington, Cold Fire

Ara Peterson, Untitled (Black Panel)

Eli Ping, Untitled

Matthew Kluber, Deeper Into Movies

Takeshi Murata, Homestead Greys

Eric Sall, Rip Tide, Blown Out; Nils Folke Anderson, Untitled

Eric Sall, Rip Tide

Eric Sall, Blown Out

Nils Folke Anderson, Untitled; Colin C. Smith, Las Tres Bandidas de Omaha

Colin C. Smith, Las Tres Bandidas de Omaha

Michelle Grabner, Untitled; Wendy White, Bent

Michelle Grabner, Untitled

Wendy White, Bent

Matthew Kluber, Untitled

Colin C. Smith, Alice Joins Dorothy and Toto on the Trip to Oz

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