Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts


Gallery Talk: Zach Rockhill Saturday, July 12 | Noon

Join inter-media artist Zach Rockhill this Saturday in Gallery 3 as he discusses his work in progress, AS FOR THE MOTIVE THAT COMPELLED ME. Rockhill has been living and working all week in the gallery during an interactive performance where a fleeting but crucial seven minutes of a classic sci-fi film is reborn. Bemis Center curator Hesse McGraw will join Rockhill to explore "The Zone" and it's mystical central hub, "the room."

"The Zone wants to be respected. Otherwise it will punish," the title character says in Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 cult classic Stalker (1979). Rockhill himself faced a punishing task in recreating the film's space known simply as "the room," a place where, it is rumored, secret hopes and dreams come true if one can only navigate the alien, heavily guarded and barb wire-shrouded Zone of an ashen, unnamed city.

The New York-based artist will reenact and film the entire scenario by both literally and metaphorically constructing the room. By compressing seven days of video into seven minutes, Rockhill aims to access and occupy the eerie netherworld of the Zone.

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