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The Bemis Center scrambled to set up additional chairs as a crowd of 125 squeezed into Gallery 2 on Tuesday, May 20th to join in a conversation with Eric Wilson, author of Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy...

What is the role of melancholy in the creative process? How much of our humanity are we willing to sacrifice in our addiction to dumbed-down notions of happiness, whether pharmacologically induced, cadged from a feel-good book or braying across the airwaves? Wilson answered these and other questions in a provocative conversation moderated by Creighton University’s Thomas Svolos MD and the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Anna Monardo. Linking psychoanalytic theories with compelling illustrations of melancholy as revealed through the works of some of history’s greatest artists, writers, poets, composers and philosophers, Wilson was surrounded by a vibrant assemblage (only at the Bemis Center will you find such a diverse group of thinkers and seekers) of Omaha’s own vanguard of artists, clinicians, educators, researchers, writers, poets and musicians.

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