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"Did You Know?" Learn more facts about the 9th Annual Auction

Did you know. . .

. . .that around the world November is "Auction Season?" There's Sotheby's in New York and Christie's in London, as well as a handful of other international auction houses. And the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts is pleased to be on that list. Each auction season, we offer art collectors throughout the Midwest some of the best contemporary art on the market.

Did you know. . .

. . .that while paintings by Renoir, Klimt and Cezanne are creating a buzz, Terry Rosenberg's painting Sonja provides a perfect example of this artist's famed kinetic style? The 9th Annual Art Auction provides the perfect opportunity to add a significant Rosenberg work to your growing collection.

Did you know. . .

. . .that even though Picasso's bronze head of Dora Maar is up for auction, Debbie Masuoka's Rabbit Head sculptures are gaining acclaim for her whimsical interpretation and technical expertise? Whether it's her Iowa West Foundation Commission in Council Bluffs or her minimalist rendering with the O! Project, there's a reason Masuoka's Rabbit Heads tend to generate heated bidding.

Add to that Jun Kaneko's iconic Dangos, which appear all over Omaha: from the Botanical Gardens and the University of Nebraska at Omaha Library to the Holland Center and the Omaha Hilton. Don't miss this singular opportunity to add one of these iconic sculptures to your own home.

Did You Know... Hollywood and the 9th Annual Art Auction

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