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2008 Artist-in-Residence Award Recipients

We're pleased to announce upcoming AIR for the second half of 2008. A total of 277 artists from 22 countries applied, with applications coming from the United Kingdom, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Uganda, Viet Nam, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, India, New Zealand and Australia. A jury of three arts professionals met on Tuesday, October 30, for the all-day selection process and went through the challenging process of choosing just twelve artists.

John Blatter, Audio Installation, Richmond, VA
Tannaz Farsi, Installation, Eugene, OR
Georgia Goldberg, Visual Artist, Ross, CA
Fay Ku, Painting/Drawing, New York, NY
Margaret Meehan, Installation, Dallas, TX
Peter Miller, Film/Photo/Installation/Performance, Vienna, Austria
Min Kim Park, Multimedia/Interdisciplinary, Chicago, IL
Jon Rappleye, Painting/Sculpture, Jersey City, NJ
Anja Siben, Photo/Video, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Noah Simblist, Drawing/Installation, Dallas, TX
Joan Waltemath, Drawing/Painting/Installation/ New York, NY
Lesley Yendell, Sculpture, Cataluny, Spain

Dawn Geller, Printmaking/Installation, Chicago, IL
Jaeho Jung, Painting/Installation, Ilsangu-Goyangsi, South Korea

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