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Did You Know... Absentee Bidding at the 9th Annual Art Auction

Just in case you can't make it to the social event in the season. . .We're giving you a Bemis Center Absentee Bidding Primer!

Did you know. . .

. . . you can still bid on your favorite piece of art during the Silent Auction even if you're halfway around the globe or staying in for the night?

Our Assistant Director Jeremy Stern will do everything for you. Just pick the maximum amount you want to pay; Jeremy will start bidding at the opening amount, and he'll raise your bid by minimum increments of $25 or $100, depending on the piece. He'll bid again only if there are competing bids -- and only up to your MAXIMUM bid amount. So no worries about paying more than you planned!

Did you know. . .

. . . you can also save money with absentee bidding? If the bidding stops before your maximum bid, don't worry. You win the artwork at the final bidding price-which could be as small as the starting bid!

Did you know. . .

. . .that once the bidding goes over your maximum, we stop bidding for you? You'll never, ever pay more than your maximum. But if you really want a piece, please place the highest maximum bid possible.

Did you know. . .

. . . you can also place an absentee bid on Live Auction pieces? Bemis Center Executive Director Mark Masuoka will place a bid for you, so you don't have to lose out on the action.

Did you know. . .

. . .that our responsibility to you is to bid conservatively? Since a professional auctioneer conducts the Live Auction, he determines the next bid by calling out a reasonable, new increment based on the lot at hand. We'll only bid by the minimum increase - and only up to your maximum bid.

Did you know. . .

. . . you'll find out the same night of the auction if your bid was successful? We'll e-mail you on the night of the Auction after all bids have closed. If you have a winning bid, we'll charge you that night for your purchase. And we'll follow up with arrangements for pick-up, delivery or shipping of the artwork during the following week.

Did you know. . .

. . .that getting started is just a click away? Just click on Jeremy Stern's email address at the bottom of each artwork page on our website and include the following information to submit your absentee bid:

City, State, Zip:
Telephone: (Day/Evening)
Artist Name:
Title of work:
Your MAXIMUM bid:

Bob Smith
1234 Winner Street
Omaha, NE 68111
Daytime ph: 402.333.3333, evening: 402.444.4444
Andy Warhol
Signed Ephemera

Now all you've got to do is press "send." Jeremy will call you back to confirm your bid information and to collect credit card information. NO ABSENTEE BID IS VALID WITHOUT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.

And if after this, you still have any questions, just call 402.341.7130, and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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