Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts



After a ten-month-long journey throughout Omaha East of 72nd finally came to the bemisUNDERGROUND on Friday, October 12 – along with 300 art lovers. People journeyed through six different acts curated and filmed by Doug Hayko over the past year to view the project as it unfolded chronologically and geographically. Photographs, video and physical pieces, which included items such as picket signs from the "Unknown Protest" and shattered glass from "Rage & the Microbus" all combined to bring an immediacy to the exhibition.

In addition to these six acts, another four took place throughout the opening: “Red” let participants throw red paint on a man sprawled on a canvas. “Aged” featured a 60-something man who urged people to write something “mean” in his book. If they refused, he angrily chased them out of his space; the meaner the entry, though, the more elated he became and cheerfully wished the person a lovely day. In contrast, during “Aging” a 30-something year old painted a wall blue, surrounded by a jumbled mess of Mountain Dew bottles, nicotene packages and trash in general. He never acknowledged anyone. Finally, for “Rules of Engagement” the “actor” did anything to keep participants playing video games with him, even following his former gaming companions throughout the gallery after they’d decided to end their games with him. East of 72nd created both engaged buzz and interesting conversations throughout the evening and is one art experience you don’t want to miss!

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