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Two Gallery Talks: The Fine Points of Fine Prints / Mark Masuoka discusses the prints from Shark's Ink and a Gallery Talk That Won’t Make You Restless: Artist Christine LaFaso, Saturday, February 26, begining at 12:00 noon.

Have you ever scratched your head over etchings? Pondered photogravures? Or become completely discombobulated over carborundum? Then look no further than the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts for understanding the fine points of creating fine prints. On Saturday, February 26, at 12:00 noon, Executive Director Mark Masuoka will simplify and explain the frequently bewildering terms of the printmaking process during his Gallery Talk The Fine Points of Fine Prints. This special Gallery Talk is in conjunction with the exhibition See the Fine Print: Selected Works From Shark’s Ink, on view through May 28, 2005. As always, Bemis Center events are free, and we warmly invite the public to attend.

The Fine Points of Fine Prints enables visitors to relate their new-found knowledge of the printmaking process to the works featured in See the Fine Print, which includes some of the finest prints being created in the United States today. For example, painter, sculptor and printmaker Red Grooms produces intricately detailed three-dimensional lithographs. His Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (2003), used eleven printing plates to showcase the rich subject matter of his New York City neighborhood. Tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy collaborated with Shark’s Ink in 1995 to produce a portfolio of densely complicated and colorful lithographs entitled Tattoo Royale. Yet unless one understands the basics involved in the lithograph process, it can be challenging to appreciate the artistic mastery required to produce images of such astonishing vitality. For those who can’t wait for the explanation, a lithograph is created by using a printing plate onto which the artist draws an image using an oil-based lithograph crayon or a fluid called a “tusche.” The plate is then dampened, and ink is applied with a roller. Damp areas repel the ink, and the greasy image attracts it. Describing the mechanics behind creating lithographs makes for a better understanding of Grooms and Hardy’s wonderful works.

These two examples represent just a fraction of of the stellar fine prints that Mark Masuoka will include in his Gallery Talk. So don’t be put off by the printmaking process: woodcuts, helioreliefs, linocuts and aquatints will all be part of this fun and informative tour.

A Gallery Talk That Won’t Make You Restless:
Artist Christine LoFaso
at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Omaha, NE–
In the exhibition Restless: Large-Format Digital Stills, Christine LoFaso captures moments that illustrate the range of narratives occurring throughout contemporary popular culture. On Saturday, February 26, at 12:00 noon, the Chicago-based artist discusses her work at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. This special Gallery Talk highlights the works featured in her exhibition, on view from February 25 through May 28, 2005. This event is free, and the public is warmly invited to attend.
LoFaso creates large-format digital prints of imagery culled from television and film. Her portraits of people – some famous, some not – are unedited stills extracted from short video clips. The faces, with fleeting expressions such as angst, joy and sorrow, were never intended to be held up for examination through stop-action photos. Yet because they are momentary and fragmentary, they expose the tell-all nature of contemporary popular culture in a wholly intriguing way. Indeed, LoFaso takes something that is restless – in this case a person in motion – and renders it still in both a photographic and metaphorical sense. The exhibition title itself is based on the soap opera The Young and the Restless, and Restless describes the nature of her stop-motion images. But LoFaso isn’t interested in just stopping images. Rather, the artist states: “I am interested in what the emotive face reveals in these everyday situations or known historic events, when examined at close-range.”

Join us at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts on Saturday, February 26, at 12:00 noon for these two informative gallery talks.

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