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Intimate Objects/Redefined Reality
at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art’s
First Thursday December ArtTalk

One artist is intrigued by repositioning quotidian objects into an artistic context. The other focuses on time and place and how they affect our perceptions of reality. These two artists approach their art in entirely different ways, but they both reveal the creative processes they employ in their work during the Bemis Center’s monthly ArtTalk: Resident Artist Lecture Series on Thursday, December 2, at 7:00 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

Cuban artist Yoan Capote examines the intriguingly intimate relationships between inanimate objects and our very human bodies. The artist observes: “Objects in daily life are connected with all the habits and human needs that define our behavior. They are an extension of our bodies when we use them. They take on our characters, and we decide their functions, but also, often they decide our conduct.” Accordingly, Capote turns common items into sensually sculptural works that act as artistic metaphors for ourselves, our objects and our lives.

Painter David Gibson works in large pastels to study form and space and also to provide intense observation of the landscapes he chooses. For the artist, the vastness and emptiness of the desert, for example, do not signify absence, but rather they represent life and the palpable sense of the present. The artist earned both his BFA and MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco. Gibson currently divides his time between Saratoga Springs, NY and Montreal, Canada, living and working in both cities.

While Capote and Gibson have markedly different approaches, they both provide insightful observations into tackling challenging subjects – as well as the artistic rewards those challenges yield. Join us at the Bemis Center on the first Thursday evening of December and learn more how Joan Capote and David Gibson respond to their chosen subjects and then reinterpret and redefine them in new and wholly unexpected ways.

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