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“What a HUGE difference this programming is making in the lives of our clients. I’m so glad it appears to be positively impacting the artists as well.”
-John Jeanetta, CEO, Heartland Family Service

“It was truly a pleasure to work with these children. Coming up with new projects every week has been a great exercise for me. Even though these projects may not have a visible link to my studio practice, the problem solving skills in combining media with subject matter are essential to my creative process.”
-Jordan Buscher, Resident Artist, Ready in 5

“The major strength for me is the opportunity to work with children that need more positive things in their life. This experience has really pointed out to me the importance of a positive home life. All of the children in the emergency shelter just wanted to get out and go to a real home. This idea of family and home will definitely be a larger part of my artwork.
-Jamie Burmeister, Resident Artist, Childrens Emergency Shelter

“Teaching art to any group helps shape my future work with ideas and energy. This group especially nurtured my own work. Even though these clients have big challenges in their lives they are able to have fun with art and be expressive. Their honesty in expression reminded me of the importance of honesty and authenticity in artistic expression.”
-Gail Schriber, Resident Artist, Assertive Community Treatment

“I practice and teach capoeira angola primarily because I really love it, but it is really a great bonus to bring that enjoyment to other people and inspire them. Even if none of them pursue capoeira I hope it inspired some of them to seek out some sort of constructive passion to immerse themselves in and has broadened their horizons.”
-Tommy Distefano, Resident Artist, Youth Links

“The residency made me think about theatre differently. It was incredibly gratifying to be able to craft small, simple stories for a very specific audience and to overhear the classroom teachers. Some of the littlest girls loved the knit sock puppet and especially loved seeing them misbehave. I could tell it was going well when I heard the classroom teachers whisper to one another, “Did you hear that? She laughed! She never laughs.” I love that the program brings the arts into the participants’ everyday lives and that it reaches out into the community.”
-Ellen Struve, Resident Artist, Ready in 5

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