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Alison O’Daniel: Heavy Air

Alison O’Daniel
The Tuba Thieves (still), 2013–ongoing
HD video, 16mm, VHS
Written, directed, edited by Alison O'Daniel based on musical scores by Christine Sun Kim, Steve Roden, and Ethan Frederick Greene. Produced by Rachel Nederveld, starring Nyke Prince, and cinematography by Meena Singh, Soraya Sélène Burtnett, and Judy Phu.

April 4–June 15, 2019

Alison O’Daniel is a visual artist working across the mediums of film, performance, sculpture, and installation. Structured as a call-and-response between these mediums, she creates cinema, performances, sound-dampening textiles, sculptures, mobiles, and large-scale installations that intend to visualize what it means to not have complete access to sound. Through collaborations with composers and musicians as well as the experiences of deaf and hard of hearing friends regarding sound, O’Daniel’s work aims at building a visual, aural, and haptic vocabulary as a means of storytelling.

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